Hola, a mobile application that serves as a Spanish slang/idioms dictionary for users in a different Hispanic country than their own.

The diversity of language is extremely fascinating to me, even more so among the dialects of a specific language. Throughout the years, as a Dominican native Spanish speaker, I have noticed the difference between the dialects from country to country. When the same word means child and bus in two different dialects, communication can become tricky! Miscommunication is extremely common. A Colombian friend told me a story of a business meeting she attended in Nicaragua, how she was presenting her project and said a phrase that was completely normal in her dialect, but extremely offensive and inappropriate in the country she was in. I get different versions of this story all the time, so I decided to tackle the diversity of the Spanish language.

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In my competitive analysis, I encountered apps that translated, taught, or served as a dictionary for different languages, but none with a focus on dialects within the same language. When speaking to my audience, in one on one interviews and casual conversation, I concluded that they would benefit from an app where users can search specific words they pick up in conversation quickly.